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Field Work

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Chemoautotrophy in the Deep Sea

APERO (Assessing marine biogenic matter Production, Export and Remineralization from the surface to the dark Ocean)
June - July 2023 (6 weeks)
North Atlantic Ocean
R/V Pourquois pas?

ChloƩ and Amanda teamed up with the Tamburini Lab at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, using specialized high-pressure bottles to compare rates of chemoautotrophy at sea level pressure and at in-situ pressures.

Microorganisms at Methane Seeps

July-August 2016 (2 weeks)
New England continental shelf
R/V Atlantis

Early career training cruise (with Anne as co-chief scientist) focused on investigating the benthic macrofauna and microorganisms at several newly discovered hydrocarbon seeps on the Atlantic continental margin.